Motorboat rental Interlaken

Discover hidden places on Lake Thun

Our motorboat rental is 10 minutes away from Interlaken.

Rent one of our motorboats and discover the beautiful places on and around Lake Thun.
Past the waterfalls of the Beatus Caves, into the harbor of Spiez or just cruising on the lake.

Take a dip in the crystal clear lake!
You decide what you do, because you are the captain.

Rental boats

There are several boats for you to choose from.
No previous experience is necessary to steer the boats.

We have 2 boats, which can be rented without a driver’s license from 18 years.
At the same time it has room for up to 5 people.

The rental boats

Prices and boats

We rent 2 motorboats with 8 hp, for which a driver’s license is not required.

For our motorboat “Whaly” with 40 hp a valid driver’s license is required.

The minimum age for motorboat rental is 18 years and a deposit of CHF 200 must be paid.

Ocean Runner

The Ocean Runner is an easy to drive boat with a steering console.

There are 2 seats on the boat where you can make yourself comfortable.

  • 1 hr. CHF 95.-
  • 2 hrs. CHF 175.-
  • 3 hrs. CHF 255.-
  • 4 hrs. CHF 330.-


The Karel boat invites you to stay.

It has a retractable sunshade and several comfortable seating / lounging benches.

  • 1 hr. CHF 110.-
  • 2 hrs. CHF 200.-
  • 3 hrs. CHF 295.-
  • 4 hrs. CHF 380.-


The Whaly is our strongest and fastest motorboat.
The boat offers plenty of space and a convenient entry/exit ramp.

It is also suitable for wakefoiling and is equipped with a harness rope.

  • 1 hr. CHF 110.-
  • 2 hrs. CHF 200.-
  • 3 hrs. CHF 295.-

Reservation motorboat

Inquiry form

Please reserve your desired motorboat here.

After you submit the form, we will check the information.
We will confirm your booking if there is a boat available at the requested time.

If there is no boat available, we suggest the one alternative.

Route suggestions

Cruising across Lake Thun by motorboat.

With the motorboat you have many beautiful routes on Lake Thun at your disposal:

You can visit the cliffs and the waterfall at the Beatus Caves.
A nice excursion is offered by the bay of Spiez or the Badi Restaurant in Leissigen.