Foil Courses Lake Thun Switzerland

Learn to foil on the most beautiful lake in Switzerland

Foil Courses Lake Thun Switzerland: Float over the water!

Do you want to learn wingfoiling, pumpfoiling, surffoiling or kitefoiling?
Then you’ve come to the right place!
We are specialized in all foil disciplines.

Our experienced instructors will guide you step by step to the goal.
Depending on the level, we adjust the material optimally.

You will learn foiling at one of the most beautiful places on Lake Thun in crystal clear water.

Floating over the water

Experience the unique feeling of floating over the water on the board!

Our Foil courses are aimed at different target groups:


Course description

We at “Foil Kurse Thunersee Schweiz” have been running Wing Foil courses and Foil courses since 2020.
Each season we have about 150 students who successfully learn to foil.

The courses are conducted by two instructors with many years of foil experience.
This way we can guarantee you maximum success in the shortest possible time.

We offer you different courses to dive into the world of foiling.
We adapt the material specifically for a kitefoil course, wingfoil course, pumpfoil course or surffoil course.

Foil Kurse Thunersee Schweiz
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Foil course

During the course you will gradually learn to ride the hydrofoil behind our boat under the instructions of an instructor.
If you do not have enough time, additional time can be booked individually.

The optimal choice of foil and foilboard makes it very easy to get started with foiling.
We have a wide selection of boards and foils that are customized to your weight and skill level….

First you learn kneeling how the foil behaves.
Once you have mastered this, you can venture into foiling standing up.

As a rule, foil students learn to float on the foil in the first lesson, kneeling without any problems.
Most even manage to ride standing up on the foil.


Foil course behind the motorboat

  • 1 hr. CHF 95.00

    Price per person. The course can only be held with a minimum of 2 students.

  • 0.5 hrs. CHF 125.00

    Private lessons for a student.*

  • Per 10 minutes CHF 20.00

    If the booked time is not enough, we charge with this approach.

By law, there must always be 2 people on the boat when pulling someone on a foil. Therefore, the courses are only feasible from 2 people.
You can also take a colleague with you on the boat for free, as a passenger. If you are alone, we will try to book you together with other students.

Registration Foil Course

Tell us your desired date

The courses are held from April to October.

Foil material sale

We equip you!

If you definitely want to start foiling, we will be happy to equip you.

You will be advised by a professional.

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